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Your Say

Your Say

We’re providing a conversation space, and a framework where we can join together to navigate through the complexity. We would love you to join us!"

Starting soon, we’ll be bringing you the opportunity to contribute your own crowd-sourced ideas regarding tangible solutions – things that individuals, families, communities or all of us can do to make a difference and choose a different way. It may be a new approach to hospitality, sharing, waste management….or a new policy idea, app idea or piece of research. There are no limits to the creative possibilities. We’ll take the best of these and help you design and test your idea to maximise its potential for impact. Any that we think have real capacity for change, we’ll bring back to the Consumed community and give you opportunities to get on board to help make those ideas reality.

Watch this space for our first call for ideas!

The first step is that we need to be clear about the problem we’re facing. So right now, we would love to hear your experiences. In what ways have you seen the problem of consumerism have an impact in your own life, family or community?

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