The Good Life?



A War On Waste To Feed Those In Need

The produce that doesn’t meet quality control is still perfectly nutritional and edible, it just may have a mark on it and a lot of occasions, we access produce in A1 condition without any blemishes at all. If not rescued by organisations like Oz Harvest and SecondBite this produce would all end up either in landfill or handed over to the local pig farmer…


When God Invites You To Be Generous

“One of the first things I’ll buy is a new hat, and a cup of tea. I spent my last $3 on this book” he indicates the Clive Cussler action novel on his lap. This was all spoken of matter of factly, with almost a sense of wonder that he could actually be in this position – a hard working dairy farmer from up north who had run his own business for 28 years. “Give this man $100!” I hear the Holy Spirt whisper to my heart…