The Good Life?

Consumed Challenge

No Plastic Fruit and Veg

Live Free Tip: No Bag Fruit + Veg

Buy your fruit and veg this month without using plastic packaging. You can do this by avoiding pre-packaged fruit and veg and by not using little plastic bags provided for fruit and veg. Use the brown paper bags provided for mushrooms if you need to use a bag.


Live Free Tip: 14:30

Proverbs 14 vs 30 says:

“A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones.”

This month’s Live Free Tip is about slowing down and re-focussing….


Consumed Research Project

McCrindle partnered with Consumed to prepare the Consumed report in April 2019. The report explores Consumerism in Australia and its implications for society. The purpose of this research is to understand attitudes, beliefs and behaviours towards consumerism and its impacts on individuals and society.


Live Free Tip: No-Go or Borrow

As children it is drummed into us to share. But as adults we seem to be less open to the idea of sharing. Or rather, we’re less open to the idea of asking if someone will share what they have with us. Not only does this lead to the accumulation of more stuff in our lives, but it contributes to the lack of community and connection we feel…


Live Free Tip: The Invitation

Loneliness has been revealed to be just as damaging to our health as smoking. As a community of Christians, we may think we are exempt from this reality, but truth be told, loneliness can creep in even when we’re standing in a crowded room. That’s because Loneliness is not about the quantity of people in our lives but more about the quality of people in our lives. We yearn for deep connection, to be truly known and truly seen…


Live Free Tip: Screen Time

In 2012 Robert and Edward Skidelsky published a book called “How much is enough? Money and the good life.” They ask why people in the Western world work such long hours and have lives that revolve around money. The Skidelskys quote renowned economist John Maynard Keynes, who in 1930, said that by 2015 we’d only be working 5 to 10 hours per week. Keynes believed that capitalism would have improved life to such an extent that we’d hardly have to work at all…