The Good Life?

Financial Wellbeing

Financial Wellbeing

The biblical vision is for all of humanity to have safety, security, and sufficiency enough to enjoy God’s good creation (Micah 4). Australians are the second wealthiest nation on the planet when measured by median wealth. As a society, we have experienced 28 years of unimpeded economic growth – a feat that no other nation has ever achieved. We are truly the lucky country.

Yet as a society, we are no happier as a result. We are busier, lonelier and less satisfied with what we have. We need to replace the consumerist dream of having more, doing more, and wanting it all now with a desire for ‘enough’ and a joy that is rooted in our identity as Children of God.

The Current State of Play


of consumers are overwhelmed by their credit card debt.


of adults have limited to no savings.


of people report personal finances as the number 1 cause of stress in their life.


of Australians report having moderate to extremely severe levels of depression symptoms.

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Stream Two: Physical + Mental Wellbeing

Some of the causes of this reported stress were comparing oneself to others, the constant pressure to succeed, feeling the need to respond to messages instantly, and debt. How might our physical and mental health improve if we are freed from the idol of consumerism?