The Good Life?

Care For Creation

Care For Creation

Genesis records how God crafted a beautiful and abundant world, pausing at each stage of creation to declare its goodness – before remarkably handing it to us, humanity, to have ‘dominion’ over it – to ‘rule and subdue it’. We are called to be the stewards of his wonderful creation, a position of tremendous responsibility and power.

Sadly, we have failed to exercise our power well. The enormous expansion of human economic activity has led to environmental destruction on a global scale. We are seeing unprecedented rates of biodiversity loss and mass extinction, animal welfare being undermined by industrial farming, increasing strain on our water resources, and the growing impacts of climate change.

The Current State of Play


Humanity has wiped out 60% of mammals, birds, fish and reptiles since 1970.


of the Great Barrier Reef is dead.


Rainfall has decreased in Australia by 20% since 1970


Estimated amount of ice that thaws out and pours into the sea every year.

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