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Amplify: Say Thanks

It's so simple to say thanks...

The way we buy and sell stuff needs to change. We can’t simply accept the consequences to people and the planet of the way things are.

But rather than being despondent, we’re hopeful. In pockets all over the world, and all over Australia, we’re seeing businesses committed to do doing and modelling something different – a fairer and more sustainable vision of what could be.

And we want to thanks those companies for the hope they’re bringing!

Starting with Outland Denim.

Too often our clothes are made by exploiting workers and harming the environment. At every stage of production there are risks. Fabrics might be might be made by young girls coerced to work under abusive (verbal, physical and sexual) conditions in spinning mills, or the chemicals used in the washing and dying processes might be harming workers and damaging waterways.

Not so with Outland Denim. Regarded as the world’s most ethical denim brand, they’re a company created with a difference. From the start, Outland purpose has been to empower people that had been trapped in slavery and who are languishing in poverty. Workers in Outlands’ factories are trained up and treated well, paid living wages and are empowered, not exploited. Outland have also gone above and beyond in managing their use of hazardous chemicals and benchmarking their water use.

They’re committed to making sustainable, ethical, empowering fashion. Fashion they hope changes the industry and changes the world.

For that, we wanted to say thank you.

We have pre-populated the message but you are welcome to customise your message to the Outland team.

You can take your thanks one step further by purchasing from this ethical brand and helping them to continue their life changing work. 

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