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a consumed series

Rediscovering Christianity in an age of consumerism, or Rediscover, is a series of talks, conversations, and studies designed to get us to think more carefully about the Christian story. Our conviction is that our Christian faith was always intended to shape, reshape, and transform every area of our lives, including the things we purchase, why we purchase them, and how we use them.

Christianity speaks to what we purchase, why we purchase it, and how we use it. It fundamentally shapes the way we view the earth and the people and things that inhabit it. Christianity, and the way of Jesus, was meant to permeate our whole entire being in such a way that when people look at the entirety of our lives, they get a foretaste of the goodness and redeeming love of God in Jesus.

Come with us as we rediscover Christianity in an age of consumerism.

My name is Mitch Forbes.

I am a co-founding pastor of NewCity Baptist church (a church plant in the beach side metropolis of Newcastle NSW), a husband to Kristen and father of 3 beautiful pre 10-year old’s, Harper, Lara and Leo. I am also a Consumed Contributor. I spend a lot of my time speaking to individuals, churches and groups. I speak mostly about how Christianity and the Christian story was always intended to help us become the humans God created us to be. People who are so transformed by Jesus and the power of the Spirit that our ‘whole lives’ reflect and are saturated by the goodness and love of God shown to us in Jesus. I also like running alongside my children as they ride their bikes, reading, drinking coffee and surfing. 😊


REDISCOVER // The Problem

REDISCOVER // Our Salvation

REDISCOVER // Good Works

REDISCOVER // Likeness of God


We have some great Christian organisations that help make the Consumed campaign what it is. So we thought it was about time you heard from them as they discuss consumerism and their approach to addressing this issue in society.

REDISCOVER // Christians Against Poverty (CAP)

REDISCOVER // Baptist Care

REDISCOVER // Christian Super

REDISCOVER // Baptist World Aid

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