The Good Life?

Our Partners

Our Partners

Consumed is facilitated by Seed on behalf of a coalition of partners. Each of these partners (listed below) are doing amazing work in their own fields, and have come together to co-create Consumed because of a shared passion to grow a story about the ‘good life’ that aligns with the Christian story and isn’t so focused on stuff and status. 

Co-Creation Partners

Christian Super is a growing, profit-to-members superannuation fund with over 27,000 members and $1.5 billion in funds under management, which are ethically invested in line with Christian values.

The Fund is also a world leader in impact investing, with 10% of funds within investments that aim to generate both financial returns, and positive social or environmental outcomes.

Baptist Financial Services Australia Limited has been operating for over 30 years and provides financial services across Australia to support Christian ministry. BFS is a delegated body of Australian Baptist Ministries.

Our mission is simple: “To Resource Christian Ministry through Good Stewardship."

Our Vision:  “To be a leading Christian Financial Services Provider  and to be the Church Development Agency for Baptist Churches of Australia."

The Baptist Association of NSW & ACT is a voluntary group of Baptist churches that hold to a common purpose, beliefs and values and are working towards a common set of vision pictures.

Our belief is that we can have a greater positive impact on the world around us if we work together.

Baptist World Aid is a Christian aid and development organisation. We partner with Australian Christians to be love and end poverty.

We partner with like-minded agencies overseas to empower communities to lift themselves out of poverty, challenge injustice and build resilience.

We partner with Christians and churches in Australia, particularly those from the Baptist movement, in generous giving, ethical consumption, courageous advocacy and faithful prayer in order to achieve justice for people living in poverty.

At City Infield we know that Australia is made up of many different communities. As these communities grow and change it is more important than ever to understand how social and demographic trends impact local mission.

City Infield is dedicated to equipping local church leaders and Christian organisations with the latest skills and techniques to better understand their mission environment, to understand the heart of their communities and see them transformed by the gospel.

BaptistCare is a leading not-for-profit Christian based care organisation that has been serving the aged and people living with disadvantage for 75 years. We support thousands of people across NSW and the ACT through more than 160 facilities and programs.

At BaptistCare, we create strong and caring communities that value personal well-being and each other. When these values are shared, it has the potential to transform lives.

CAP exists to release Australians from debt and poverty through professional debt counselling, practical services and financial education. CAP will help anyone who is facing hardship as a result of unmanageable debt and all services are provided free of charge. CAP’s unique ‘hands-on’ approach empowers people to help themselves out of poverty and be released from the fear, oppression and worry generated by overwhelming debts. The charity operates through a growing network of centres, each opened in partnership with a local church.

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