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Creating Something New...

We’re conscious there is a consumerism problem in our lives, our neighbourhoods and our world. Consumed is an invitation and opportunity to move beyond naming the problem toward finding new solutions.

Would you join us?

Every few months we launch a Design Challenge to gather new ideas and solutions from the community. All challenges will have an ‘open’ category and a ‘themed’ category addressing a particular problem or issue.

For individuals we would love for you to go to straight to the platform and post your ideas and engage with other’s ideas.

For Churches or groups, we encourage you to host a Creative Conversation where you generate solutions together. You’ll find everything you need in our Creative Conversations Guide.

Ready to Create?

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Please note: you will be re-directed to the Consumed Challenge platform that is host by The Salvation Army. When you first register you’ll be asked how you are connected to the Salvos, choose the “consumed website" option. 

The Consumed Design Challange Process


Each idea entered into the Challenge will follow the below process. 


Step 1 – Generate Ideas

These could be your own ideas, or we encourage you to get together with others in your church, small group or community and have a Creative Conversation using our Creative Conversation Guide


Step 2 – Upload your ideas

We’ve created a centralised Ideas Platform for the Consumed community. Uploading your idea only takes a few minutes. Others in the Consumed community can give feedback and help sharpen it.

Remember to choose “consumed website" when registering on the Salvation Army platform.


Step 3 – Engage with ideas

Vote or comment on ideas. Share them with friends and your church community.


Step 4 – Design Lab

The Consumed team will filter all ideas and consider all feedback from the Consumed community. The ideas with the greatest potential will be invited to be part of a Design Lab using Seed’s Redemptive Design framework to help develop and test the idea to a point where it can be launched.


Step 5 – Idea Launch

Ideas that are tested and proven through the Design Lab will then be launched back into the Consumed community and into society.

Challenge Details

Consumed Design Challenge One (1 Oct – 30 Nov)

Breaking our Captivity to Consumption

Stay tuned for our next Design Challenge!

In each of our challenges we highlight particular elements of Consumed, but we’re also open to any idea that helps bring positive change in our society around consumerism – so even if your idea doesn’t relate to the issues below, go ahead and post it.

Challenge Dates

Challenge opens: TBC

Idea submissions close: TBC

Next stage Ideas notified: TBC

Design Lab Dates: TBC

Want To Know More?

Click on “How it Works" or “FAQ’s" to understand the process better.

What sort of ideas are we looking for?

The focus is on finding new actions, products, campaigns or initiatives that will help us act and live in a way that counters our culture’s captivity to consumption. Things that individuals, families, communities or all of us can do to make a difference and choose a different way.

We’re open to considering anything – big or small; new or tested – we encourage you to get your idea on the platform and see what happens as the community interacts with it.

Some examples include:


A new approach to reducing waste

An app that help neighbours share resources more effectively

A tax policy that make the housing market fairer

A new approach to managing household finances

A program that helps companies clean up their supply chains

Post Your Idea Now!

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