The Good Life?

Consumed Contributors

Consumed Contributors

Consumed is all about collaboration and community. We have had such a great response to this campaign and many people from our community have reached out to share their own experience and wrestle with consumerism. We thought it would be great to share with you some of their musings and findings under the banner of Consumed Contributors. The thoughts and opinions shared in their posts are their own and do not necessarily reflect that of Consumed, our Partners or their places of work.

Bec Oates

Advocacy Manager, Baptist World Aid

Bec is a strikingly ordinary individual and a faulty follower of Jesus. She is best known for awkward moments, inappropriate thoughts and Australian humour. Her blogs reflect her deep commitment to discovering God and her passion for the poor. Bec has a husband, four ankle biters and a dog that matches the cushions on her couch, because that’s important.

Neri Morris

Business Owner // Writer // Marketing & Comms Manager at Seed.

Neri is the Creative Director of an ethical online fashion marketplace called Thread Harvest and spends some of her week talking all things innovation, faith and entrepreneurial at Seed. Neri also has a blog called This Faith Life where she shares her thoughts, observations and questions about her progressive revelation of who God is and what that means to the human experience. Generally found sitting by the harbour, Neri loves good conversation over good food with good friends and a great glass of red in hand.

Consumed Contributors

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