The Good Life?

Neri Morris

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A Response To Covid-19

Somewhere in our brains we carry a map of our relationships. It is our mother’s lap, our best friend’s holding hand, our lover’s embrace — all these we carry within ourselves when we are alone. Just knowing that these are there to hold us if we fall gives us a sense of peace. “Cradled,” “rooted,” “connected” are words we use to describe the feeling that comes of this knowledge; social psychologists call this sense embeddedness. The opposite is perhaps a more familiar term — we call it loneliness.

I used to love Christmas

I Used To Love Christmas.

So here I find myself at Christmas 2019 and in a bit of pickle.

I don’t want my choices at Christmas to mean I keep people in modern-day slavery.

I don’t want my choices at Christmas to mean I’m sending the environment on a crash course with disaster.

But I also choose to not disappoint my nieces and nephews.

I fell out of love with Christmas when I saw how my choices were not truly aligned with the meaning of Christmas. If Christmas is about Jesus, then what does Jesus want Christmas to look like?


It Pays To Be Frugal

As a Gen Y-er growing up in the post my-order-to-me-now-while-I-eat-some-smashed-avo age, I’m bombarded with constant messaging on financial freedom. There’s online businesses to start, click funnels to create, social media followings to grow, passive income to generate, all the while maintaining my day job and somehow saving for a shoebox house in Sydney and praying hard that my Super will see me through my old age.