The Good Life?

About Consumed

Consumerism has become a great idol of our age...

In our society, consciousness about the impacts of our consumption choices is growing. We are increasingly aware that the clothes we buy should not be made by a child slave. We know that the plastics we use will end up in landfill. We know that the electricity we consume and the cars we drive have some effect on the climate we live in. We have declared a war on waste.


Yet many still consume at an ever-increasing rate, chasing after some elusive happiness that apparently comes from having more stuff, without thought of its effects on themselves, their relationships or the planet. Amongst those who agree there is a problem, most feel that we are slaves to a culture that is consumed by consumption. Even if we want to get off, the cultural forces herding us to buy the best, be the best, provide the best and to buy bigger, be bigger, provide bigger, are so all encompassing that we feel powerless to choose a different path.


For followers of Jesus, we believe that the way Jesus calls us to live is the best way to live. Consumed, put simply, is an opportunity for us to choose the way of Jesus in our consumption choices over the way of our culture.


It’s about finding freedom.

Our Approach

We wholeheartedly believe that the best way to bring change is not to tell people the answers, but to invite them to co-create the solutions. And we also believe that the ideas and solutions for these complex challenges are already out there. We want to find them, help sharpen them, and give them a platform to grow.


We’re providing a conversation space, and a framework where we can join together to navigate through the complexity and find tangible ways to choose a different way.


We would love you to join us!



We want to fully and deeply understand the impact of consumerism in our life and how it impacts our relationship with God, with others and with the world around us.



We want to amplify the good work that is being done to address consumerism.We will share the best of what’s available and advocate that more companies and policy makers adopt best practice.



We want to imagine and create together. To find new ways and solutions for individuals, communities and society to live the good life under Christ even within a society consumed by consumerism.

Our Story

Consumed emerged from initial conversations within the Baptist churches about how they could play a constructive role in helping society to flourish. Baptist organisations were already doing significant work in the areas, such as Baptist World Aid with the Ethical Fashion Report and BaptistCare in the area of Social and Affordable Housing.

The Baptists engaged Seed to draw together a coalition of partners and design a crowdsourced process to invite churches and Christians across Australia to co-create new pathways toward greater faithfulness to Jesus in our consumption choices.

Over time the organisations and churches listed below joined a coalition of partners who are co-creating the Consumed platform, because of a shared passion to grow a story about the ‘good life’ that aligns with the Christian story and isn’t so focused on stuff and status. Together we want to highlight the problems, identify the barriers to change, and engage Christians in finding solutions that break our captivity to consumption, and free us to choose a different and better way.

Our Partners

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