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Helping Our Children Understand...

Covid-19 is the topic of the moment and as a Consumed team we have been seeking out ways to help Christians respond to this pandemic in a way that is Christ-like.

But what about the kids?

Thankfully, whilst they can be carriers, Covid-19 does not greatly affect our children. It’s not that they can’t contract the disease, but rather their immune system is strong enough to handle it. Children with low immune system health are at a greater risk, but generally should a healthy child contract Corona, they will be fine.

But most families would never have dealt with a pandemic before and with the atmosphere around us tangibly tense with anxiety and uncertainty, the challenge we have is how do we talk to our children about Corona without adding to the stress and tension they already feel?

We hunted down some resources to equip our families in tackling this conversation. Everything we will share with you is from either the Australian Government Health website or from the World Health Organisation.

We hope this list assists you in navigating this time with your family.

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