The Good Life?

Consumer Culture: The Day Your Baby's Wardrobe Became Better Than Yours

The way we consume clothes and many other products today creates too many casualties and too few winners. Nonetheless, we have embraced the buy-and-throw-away society for years, as sustainable consumption was perceived by many as inconvenient and expensive. However, critical consumers and daring entrepreneurs have paved the way for a new consumption model, Sustainability 2.0: sustainable consumption without compromise.

Vigga Svensson has managed to offer sustainable products that are easier, cheaper and of better quality than their less sustainable counterparts, in the most wasteful industry around: textiles. Vigga Svensson is a prominent entrepreneur, who has spent the last 12 years on developing business models that foster sustainable consumption. Vigga has a firm belief that sustainability no longer entails compromises on price and quality, and is dedicating her career to spreading this message across the world.

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