The Good Life?

The Restorative Economy

The Report can be found here.

In 2015, Tear released The Restorative Economy Report. 

Renew Our World is a global movement of Christians who long to see God’s world renewed. We believe we need to shift our thinking, our behaviour and our policies to build a restorative economy–an economy based on Biblical principles, principles that are just and sustainable. Where all people can make a living and have what they need without wrecking the planet. This is what the Restorative Economy is all about – where God’s intended order is built back into our social and economic systems."

The Report is full of insights around the current state of the world and tips on how we can become more faithful stewards of the resources God has given us. Change starts with our lifestyle choices. Below are the five areas the report lists out as areas of change that we each need to look at:

  1. Live within in our fair share of the world’s resources and environmental limits.
  2. Respond to poverty and inequality with radical generosity.
  3. Speak out prophetically
  4. Use our power as a voter, a citizen and a consumer.
  5. Live restoratively and prioritise relationships.

To find out more about these areas, download the report by clicking here.