The Good Life?

The State Of Australian Consumerism - A Report

Research: The State Of Australian Consumerism

Christianity – it’s making our lives better, but we’re still captive to consumerism!

McCrindle partnered with Consumed to prepare the Consumed report in April 2019. The report explores Consumerism in Australia and its implications for society. The purpose of this research is to understand attitudes, beliefs and behaviours towards consumerism and its impacts on individuals and society.

Christianity is positively shaping us, and our desire to impact the world.


Consumerism still captures far more of our imagination than God’s vision for the ‘Good Life’.

Less than a quarter of Christians reported that impacting their local communities or the world was important for the good life (23% and 17% respectively). They were far more likely to say that financial independence (51%), owning a home (42%), being well regarded (32%) and travelling the world (31%) are more important.

Consumerism is distracting us from our spirituality.

Given a few hours spare, Christians are more likely to watch TV (9.5%) than engage in something spiritual (6%). Not counting work, the top 5 activities that Christians spend their time on, does not include deepening their faith. Screentime is number 1!

We know we can do better, we know that we must.

Download the full Report by clicking here and join the conversation by running a  Creative Conversation to stimualte ideas and suggestions around what we can do to improve the way we consume and betetr steward the world.