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Live Free Tip: No-Go or Borrow

What is a ‘Live Free Tip’?

Live Free is tips and practices are designed to help you break your captivity to consumption and start living free.

Live Free Tip No. 3 – No-Go or Borrow

As children it is drummed into us to share. But as adults we seem to be less open to the idea of sharing. Or rather, we’re less open to the idea of asking if someone will share what they have with us. 

Not only does this lead to the accumulation of more stuff in our lives, but it constibutes to the lack of community and connection we feel.

This month’s Live Free Tip is designed to change that. Your challenge this month is to say “no” to one purchase each week. Instead of racing out to buy that thing you think you need, see if you can borrow the item or go without.

Share more, buy less.

Share your experience either in our Consumed Community or via the Comments below. We’d love to hear how you went!