The Good Life?

In a culture consumed by consumption, we are a space for Christians to connect and create solutions that help align our consumption choices with God's story.

For followers of Jesus... 

in Australia today, there are two stories about the 'good life' battling for our hearts and minds. Our culture's story says that happiness comes through the accumulation of more stuff. By contrast, the Christian story invites us to be content in the grace of a loving God and to find purpose and meaning in the service and love of others.

Many of us long to be free from our captivity to consumption. But the cultural forces driving us to want more seem so powerful and all-encompassing that it feels complex (or even impossible) to choose a different way.

The Six Streams of Consumed

The six streams outlined below provide a framework for us to engage together in a conversation, to move through the complexity, and to chart a path to a different future – a future where we are free to make different choices and to experience the flourishing that comes from living out Jesus' vision of a truly 'good life'.

How will change happen?


We want to fully and deeply understand the impact of consumerism in our life and how it impacts our relationship with God, with others and with the world around us.


We want to amplify the good work that is being done to address consumerism. We will share the best of what’s available and advocate that more companies and policy makers adopt best practice.


We want to imagine and create together. To find new ways and solutions for individuals, communities and society to live the good life under Christ even within a society consumed by consumerism.

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Do our consumption choices in any way reflect our commitment to Jesus and His Kingdom values? Consumed exists to help us better align our choices as consumers with our faith commitment. I whole-heartedly recommend Consumed as a space for Christians to connect and find new pathways forward.

, Rev Keith Jobberns - National Ministries Director, Australian Baptist Ministries

When we make lifestyle changes and challenge consumption, we model a better way to the world around us and join a growing movement of change-makers. The challenges we face are too urgent for us simply to stop there. Together, we can also speak up and inspire others to act.

, Jo Knight - Advocacy Coordinator, TEAR Australia

Consumed invites us to re-imagine the world as a God intends. A world that pursues relationships over greed, justice over competition, and sacrifice over self-interest.

, Matt Darvas - Campaign Director, Micah Australia

Many people don’t realise that their spending and investment choices have the potential to help or harm other people in the world.  Christian Super is pleased to support this initiative to encourage Australians to make better choices.

, Ross Piper - CEO, Christian Super